Kovels Item

Advertising containers and products sold in the old country store are now all collectibles. These stores, with the crackers in a barrel and a pot bellied stove, are a symbol of an earlier, less hectic time. Advertising collectibles that were most desirable were made before the late nineteenth-century and include large signs, lithographed tin boxes, bottles, and figural counter displays. Many types of advertising items are listed. Other similar pieces may be found under the product name, such as Planters Peanuts. We have tried to list items in the logical places, so enameled tin dishes will be found under Graniteware, paper items in the Paper category, etc. Store fixtures, cases, signs, and other items that have no advertising as part of the decoration are listed in the Store category. The early Dr Pepper logo included a period after "Dr.," but it was dropped in 1950. We list all Dr Pepper items without a period so they alphabetize together. For more information, explore our advertising identification guides.