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  • The Most Expensive Sneakers in the World

    The Most Expensive Sneakers in the World

    Last month, Canadian entrepreneur Miles Nadal bought 99 of the “100 rarest pairs of sneakers” for $850,000. They were being offered at a July Sotheby’s auction in collaboration with the...

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Collectors' Concerns
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  • Galle Vase

    Galle Vase

    Q: My mom has a Galle vase we’d like to know more about. We’ve never seen another one like it. I’m holding a light inside the vase so you can...

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Mystery Marks
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  • Crescent Mark

    Crescent Mark

    Q: I have a ceramic dish and I don’t know what this mark on the back means. It looks like a crescent with initials above it.          

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