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pearl jewelry collage

Pearls Are Back⁠ — Kovels Top Buying Tips

There’s a watery trend afoot. Pearls, once a common fashion statement, are back! Short and long strings of the gorgeous gift from the sea, as well as stud earrings and even pearl engagement rings, are everywhere … for both men and women. If you want to be in-the-know about pearls, here is some basic information before you head out to your favorite antiques store to find a strand or two for upcoming holiday parties.

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Scheier pot

Highly Collectible Scheier Pottery  

Husband-and-wife team Edwin and Mary Scheier were groundbreaking potters for nearly 70 years. They created eye-catching ceramics such as this glazed stoneware pot with sgraffito figures and fish that brought a hefty price. Find more Scheier designs and prices in Kovels’ sales report.  

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istoriato maiolica samson and delilah italian 1520-1523 dish

Dish Tucked Away in a Drawer Sells for Nearly $2 Million

Who knows what you may find when rummaging through drawers? Auctioneers looking through a country house in rural southeast Scotland recognized a rare 16th-century dish tucked away in a drawer as a valuable find. Little did they know how valuable!

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george zee and company art carved furniture wooden chest

George Zee Chest

Q: My daughter found this chest a few years ago. It has a metal tag that says “George Zee & Co., Art Carved Furniture Manufacturers, No. 1 Granville Road/New Rd., Kowloon, Hongkong, Made in Hong Kong, No. 51-13489.” There’s a lot of carving on the top, front and side handles. It was quite damaged, so she had it stripped and repaired, but it needs to be stained. What stain would be best for the outside of the chest? I enjoy working on these projects and don’t intend to sell it. Can you tell me the age of the chest?

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