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goodwill thrift store

Fall is a Great Time to Go Thrifting

We don’t really need an excuse to go thrift store shopping, but this month we celebrated “National Thrift Shop Day.” If you missed it, don’t forget that fall is a great time to flea markets. But don’t go unarmed. Bring the newest edition of Kovels’ Antiques & Collectibles Price Guide to make sure you are getting a great price.

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Swift Mill coffee grinder

Coffeemania! Antique Grinders, Pails and Tins 

Green coffee beans come a long way before they get to your breakfast table. Did you know that in the past you were a much bigger part of the process for producing your morning mug? See what we mean in our sales report.

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michael jordan basketball jersey 1998 nba chicago bulls number 23

Michael Jordan Jersey Bounces to the Top With $10 Million Auction Price

When is a worn basketball jersey more than just a sweaty shirt? When it was worn by one of the sport’s most iconic athletes. A dedicated sports lover just paid millions for Michael Jordan’s jersey from the opening game of the 1998 NBA finals.

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cracker box dolls by irene horuichi late 1980s

Cracker Box Dolls

Q: I have five Cracker Box dolls made by Irene Horuichi in the late 1980s. They stand 18 inches tall and are attached to a wooden base. They are all made of cloth and wear different outfits. The outfits are very detailed, but the facial features are not.  Can you tell me anything about this style of doll and what their value could be?

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