Collection Records

If you keep electronic records of your collections or even your purchases of antiques and collectibles to furnish your house, be sure you have a backup that can survive a disaster like flood, hurricane, fire, theft, or other event that could destroy your collection, computer, and other electronic devices. Record your passwords and location of the off-site backup (perhaps in the cloud) and be sure a trusted friend or family member knows what to do in an emergency.



#1 recording your collectioncvtre 2013-06-15 03:41
I bought an 8 gig flash drive for under $10 then took photos of my entire house. Every drawer was opened, every shelf was photographed. I labeled the files 4 prs of jeans, or 10 pairs of undies, etc. Then all the photos are stored on my computer and on a flash drive kept by my daughter in California and a friend a few miles away. I became quite familiar with the need for a good inventory after a house fire last year.

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