Another Hiding Place for Treasures

From a reader in response to the February 23 Kovels Komments: "You mentioned some places in the home where people sometimes hide 'Treasures.' Another good place to look is in the old 'clothes chutes' where laundry items could be dropped to the basement. Check for nails inside the chute that have string on them. I knew a guy who found a plastic bottle at the end of the string with $500 cash in it.



#7 Hiding Places for TreasuresSmadhatter13 2011-03-07 22:48
While doing a house clearance for a person who was moved to assisted care, we found the following:
1. Silver coins in tubular medicine containers, stacked in the narrow plastic bags used for newspapers in the rain, and tied onto coathangers that were hung on the closet pole, stuffed among hanging gowns. Paper money, slid between layers of tissues, and inserted in rolls of wax paper and aluminum foil
3. Jewelry (small rings, fraternal pins, etc.) in matchboxes, then put into a keg of nails in the garage
Also, attended a sale held on behalf of a couple moving to assisted living: rolls of paper money had been found by the son-in-law in the purses he had found in a closet. When I returned a couple of weeks later to pick up an item I'd bid on, he had a stack of more purses on the living room floor, so I went through them--and there were still MORE rolls of bills; he was very surprised.
#6 dairy antiqueshovander 2011-03-05 13:23
Re: record resurgence. This interesting. I have 100+ records 78, 45 & 33 that go back a long way. It might be a good time to list on E-Bay to
guage the interest. I also have 8-track tapes & a player.
#5 Hidden jewelry and moneyMary72668 2011-03-05 07:56
My father was an electrician and would sometimes find rings and earrings hidden in chandeliers. He would also find mondey stashed behind switch plates in customer's homes.
#4 Hiding place for treasuresDIKUNBLUE 2011-03-03 10:31
My Aunt worked for a Dr. and his wife in their home.. When they died, my Aunt had to help clean out the house. She found 1 lb. packages of butter in the freezer. Since they felt funny, she opened them and they were filled with money!! She also found stocks hidden in a unusual part of a desk. So you always have to check EVERYTHING, even the butter!!!!
#3 mindybayer 2011-03-03 08:33
My great grandmother would put money inside the lining of her winter coats. And another lady I know would put money inside skeins of yarn.
#2 Hiding Placeswestpelhamantiques 2011-03-02 15:54
Legend has it that a potential bidder was examining the sound board (for splits, etc) of an old up-right piano at one of the local auction houses and when the took the board off, they found paper bags stuffed with $14,000 cash...which WAS returned to the consignor, I am happy to report.
#1 Items Hidden in Brass Bedpostspatalarga 2011-03-02 15:04
Another unusual place to hide valuables is inside a hollow brass bedpost. A friend of mine in San Diego bought an antique brass bed at auction and picked it up the following day. As he loaded it into his truck, he thought that for a hollow-post bed, it felt remarkably heavy.

Once he got it home, he took the spherical top off one of the bedposts. WOW! He found a big stash of gold coins.

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