Stereo Cards
Stereo Cards

Stereo cards that were made for stereoscope viewers became popular after 1840. Two almost identical pictures were mounted on a stiff cardboard backing so that, when viewed through a stereoscope, a three-dimensional picture could be seen. Value is determined by maker and by subject. The cards were made in quantity through the 1930s. Keystone View Company and Underwood & Underwood manufactured and helped the sales of stereo cards reach their peak from 1902-1935.

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 Stereo CardsBuffalo Bills Wild WestBlack, White1999Login / Create Account for Price
 Stereo CardsBunker Hill Monument Boston Harbor, c.19302010Login / Create Account for Price
 Stereo CardsCamel & Baby Sphinx, Pyramid2010Login / Create Account for Price
 Stereo CardsCamouflaged Artillery Before JablonkaGermany, C.19402004Login / Create Account for Price
 Stereo CardsCathedral InteriorCrystal Palace2004Login / Create Account for Price
 Stereo CardsChain Bridge From Moultons CastleCopeland2005Login / Create Account for Price
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