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Royal Nymphenburg
Royal Nymphenburg

Royal Nymphenburg is the modern name for the Nymphenburg porcelain factory, which was established at Neudeck-ob-der-Au, Germany, in 1753 and moved to Nymphenburg in 1761. From 1888 until 1975, when it was transferred to Wittelsbacher Ausgleichfonds, Royal Nymphenburg was managed by the Bauml family The company is still in existence. Marks include a checkered shield topped by a crown, a crowned CT with the year, and a contemporary shield mark on reproductions of eighteenth-century porcelain.

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ImageCategoryPattern or ItemDescriptionYear PricedPrice
 Royal NymphenburgJarLid, Baluster, Applied Pale Flowers, Cream Ground, Germany, 1900s, 12 In.2013Login / Create Account for Price
 Royal NymphenburgPlateJudgment Of Paris, Gilded Rim, Marked, C.1810, 12 3/8 In.1995Login / Create Account for Price
 Royal NymphenburgPlateMan Standing Beside Traveler, Red, Green, Brown, Kaltner, 9 In.1999Login / Create Account for Price
 Royal NymphenburgPlateGilt, Blue Bands, Beaded Rim, Late 19th Century, 8 In., 11 Piece2002Login / Create Account for Price
 Royal NymphenburgPlate Flower Bouquets, Openwork, Scrolled Border, Blue Mark, 8 In. 12 Piece2010Login / Create Account for Price
 Royal NymphenburgSeau A GlaceHand Painted Floral Swags, Beadwork, 8 In., 3 Piece1996Login / Create Account for Price
 Royal NymphenburgSnuffboxPartially Clothed Woman, Flower Sprays, C.1760, 2 7/8 In.2003Login / Create Account for Price
 Royal NymphenburgSoupDish, Beaded Border, Central Landscape, 9 1/2 In., 12 Piece1998Login / Create Account for Price
 Royal NymphenburgTankardSpray Of Flowers On Front, Sprigs On Back, 1780, 6 7/8 In.1996Login / Create Account for Price
 Royal NymphenburgTankardAllegorical Female Figure, Charity, Bird On Branch, 9 In.2003Login / Create Account for Price
 Royal NymphenburgTea ServiceGreen Enamel Floral Sprays, 1900, 12 In., 45 Piece2002Login / Create Account for Price
 Royal NymphenburgTea SetTraveling, Gilt Metal, French, 1920s, 13 Piece1999Login / Create Account for Price
 Royal NymphenburgTeapotFlowers, Gilt Trim, Branch Handle, Gold Rose Finial, 4 x 8 In.2003Login / Create Account for Price
 Royal NymphenburgTureen Cover, Rococo Molded Shape, Painted Flowers, Lemon Finial, c.1960, 16 In. 2012Login / Create Account for Price
 Royal NymphenburgTureen Rococo Style, Gilt, Magenta Rose, Lemon Finial, Green Mark, c.1910, 14 In. 2012Login / Create Account for Price
 Royal NymphenburgTureenCover, Rococo Molded Shape, Painted Flowers, Lemon Finial, c.1960, 16 In. 2012Login / Create Account for Price
 Royal NymphenburgTureenRococo Style, Gilt, Magenta Rose, Lemon Finial, Green Mark, c.1910, 14 In. 2012Login / Create Account for Price
 Royal NymphenburgUrnNeoclassical Portrait, Male Masks Handles, Signed, 9 1/4 In.2001Login / Create Account for Price
 Royal NymphenburgVaseEnameled, Continuous Landscape, R. Sieck, 10 1/2 In.2003Login / Create Account for Price
 Royal NymphenburgVasePainted Parrots Gilded 20th Century Bulbous 17 1/4 In.2011Login / Create Account for Price

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