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Garden Furnishings
Garden Furnishings

Garden furnishings have been popular for centuries. The Windsor chair was used in sitting rooms, but also on the porch or lawn. The stone or metal statues, wire, iron, or rustic furniture, urns and fountains, sundials, and small figurines are included in this category. Many of the metal pieces have been made for years.

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ImageCategoryPattern or ItemDescriptionYear PricedPrice
 Garden FurnishingsBenchCast Iron, Painted, Peter Timmes Son, Late 19th Century1995Login / Create Account for Price
 Garden FurnishingsBenchCast Iron, Roundels Back, Painted, 76 In.1995Login / Create Account for Price
 Garden FurnishingsBenchCast Iron, White Paint, 46 In.1995Login / Create Account for Price
 Garden FurnishingsBenchFern Design, Kramer Bros., Dayton, Ohio, 58 In.1995Login / Create Account for Price
 Garden FurnishingsBenchJames W. Carr, Cast Iron, Arms, Richmond, Va.1995Login / Create Account for Price
 Garden FurnishingsBenchRustic Limbs, Oak Leaves & Acorns, Cast Iron, Arms1995Login / Create Account for Price
 Garden FurnishingsBenchStone, Scroll Supports, 33 1/2 In.1995Login / Create Account for Price
 Garden FurnishingsBenchWrought Iron, Foliate Backrest, Pierced Seat, 1890, 34 1/2 In., Pair1995Login / Create Account for Price
 Garden FurnishingsBench3-panel Back, Scrolls Above Tracery, Pierced Seat, Iron1996Login / Create Account for Price
 Garden FurnishingsBench3-pierced Back, Leaf Turned Legs, Marble, India, 5 Ft. 8 In.1996Login / Create Account for Price
 Garden FurnishingsBenchArmorial & Trefoil Back, Iron Rod Seat, Wood & Perot, 59 In.1996Login / Create Account for Price
 Garden FurnishingsBenchBentwood, Slanted Back, Weathered Black Painted, Arms, 72 In.1996Login / Create Account for Price
 Garden FurnishingsBenchCarved, 4-panel Slat Back, Scroll Armrests, Anglo Indian, 76 In.1996Login / Create Account for Price
 Garden FurnishingsBenchEgg & Dart Border, Scroll Paw Feet, Stone, 5 Ft. 3 In.1996Login / Create Account for Price
 Garden FurnishingsBenchFrench Revival, Bronze1996Login / Create Account for Price
 Garden FurnishingsBenchGothic, Green Paint, Carved Armrests, Iron, 35 X 39 In.1996Login / Create Account for Price
 Garden FurnishingsBenchGreen Paint, Kramer Bros., Dayton, Ohio, Cast Iron, C.18801996Login / Create Account for Price
 Garden FurnishingsBenchGriffon Arms, Foliage & Berry Back, Cast Iron, 44 In.1996Login / Create Account for Price
 Garden FurnishingsBenchRegency, Painted Wirework, Tub Shape, Scrolled Supports, 74 In.1996Login / Create Account for Price
 Garden FurnishingsBenchScrolled Legs, Paw Feet, Marble, 44 In., Pair1996Login / Create Account for Price
 Garden FurnishingsBenchTwig Pattern, Cast Iron, C.18651996Login / Create Account for Price
 Garden FurnishingsBenchWhite Paint, 19th Century1996Login / Create Account for Price
 Garden FurnishingsBenchArm Supports Formed As Sphinxes, Marble, 7 Ft.1997Login / Create Account for Price
 Garden FurnishingsBenchArmchair & Table Set, J. Hoffmann, 1902, 6 Piece1997Login / Create Account for Price
 Garden FurnishingsBenchCoalbrookdale, Cast Iron, 6 Ft., Pair1997Login / Create Account for Price

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