Coin-Operated Machines
Coin-Operated Machines

Coin-operated machines of all types are collected. The vending machine is an ancient invention dating back to 200 B.C., when holy water was dispensed in a coin-operated vase. Smokers in seventeenth-century England could buy tobacco from a coin-operated box. It was not until after the Civil War that the technology made modern coin-operated games and vending machines plentiful. Coin-operated machines play music, are used for gambling and skill tests, and dispense products like gum or perfume. Slot machines, arcade games, and dispensers are all collected.

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 Coin-Operated MachinesArcadePinball, Bally Hoo, 5 Cent2013Login / Create Account for Price
 Coin-Operated MachinesAutomatonJolson Sings, 1920-1940 ~illus2000Login / Create Account for Price
 Coin-Operated MachinesBallpoint PenOak Manufacturing, 25 Cent, 19602007Login / Create Account for Price
 Coin-Operated MachinesBallpoint PenVictor, Vendorama, 10 Cent, 19622007Login / Create Account for Price
 Coin-Operated MachinesBallpoint Pen RefillVictor, 5 Cent, Key, 1938-502007Login / Create Account for Price