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Bottle Caps
Bottle Caps

Bottle caps for milk bottles are the printed cardboard caps used since the 1920s. Crown caps, also called crown cork caps, used after 1892 on soda bottles, are also popular collectibles. Unusual mottoes, graphics, and caps from bottlers that are out of business bring the highest prices. There are many types of bottle caps, ranging from screw caps to crown caps to pull-off caps of metal or plastic.

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ImageCategoryPattern or ItemDescriptionYear PricedPrice
 Bottle CapsBrookdale FarmsCreamed Cottage Cheese, 2 3/8 In.2003Login / Create Account for Price
 Bottle CapsBrookside Redlands DairyGrade A Raw Milk, 48 Mm.1997
 Bottle CapsBrownie Root BeerPicture Of Brownie, Cork Lined, 1950s1995Login / Create Account for Price
 Bottle CapsCanada Dry Black Cherry BeverageMetal, Cork Lined1999Login / Create Account for Price
 Bottle CapsCanada Dry Black Cherry BeverageCd Logo, Red, Silver, Green1997Login / Create Account for Price
 Bottle CapsCanada Dry Hi-grape AleCd Logo, Green, Silver, & Red, Cork Lined1997Login / Create Account for Price
 Bottle CapsCharles LindberghFirst Non Stop Flight Across The Atlantic Ocean, 19272004Login / Create Account for Price
 Bottle CapsCherryGrape & Grapefruit, Cork Lined, 1950s, 4 Piece1999Login / Create Account for Price
 Bottle CapsCherryGrape & Grapefruit, Lined, 1950s, 4 Piece2000Login / Create Account for Price
 Bottle CapsCherry ColaMetal, Red & White1999Login / Create Account for Price
 Bottle CapsCity DairyNiles, Mich., Milk Is Health, Metal, Cardboard2007Login / Create Account for Price
 Bottle CapsCleary DairyGrade A, Pasteurized, Whole Milk, Green Edge, Salem, Oregon2007Login / Create Account for Price
 Bottle CapsClifford Colby Pure Milk Tel. Bucksport 144-14, 1930s2012
 Bottle CapsClover Leaf DairyHelena, Mont., Plug Type2002Login / Create Account for Price
 Bottle CapsClover Leaf Dairy Green & White, 4 In. 2008Login / Create Account for Price
 Bottle CapsCoca Cream SodaBrown On Cream, Corked Lined1997Login / Create Account for Price
 Bottle CapsCoca-colaCork, 1920s2002Login / Create Account for Price
 Bottle CapsCoca-colaTour The World, Complete Set, 1962, 100 Piece2006Login / Create Account for Price
 Bottle CapsCoca-cola1950s2002Login / Create Account for Price
 Bottle CapsCoggshall DairyNorwich, Conn., Cardboard2002
 Bottle CapsConneaut Creamery Co. Standardized Milk, Perfectly Pasteurized2012
 Bottle CapsCoopers New Jersey Pasteurized MilkAluminum1996
 Bottle CapsCoopers New Jersey Pasteurized MilkMonday, Aluminum, Clampover1997
 Bottle CapsCork LinedSoda Pop, 50 Piece2000Login / Create Account for Price
 Bottle CapsCorkyClown Picture, Red, Cream & Blue, Corked Lined1997Login / Create Account for Price

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