Kovels' Top 10 Collectors' Searches for June 2010


(Press Release) –  July 1, 2010 – CLEVELAND – Kovels.com released its list of the most searched for items in its price guide for June 2010. The top spot continues to be dominated by Occupied Japan. Collectibles made in Japan directly after World War II.

The most accurate antiques price guide online, the Kovels.com price guide receives hundreds of thousands of searches a month. The list of top searches serves as an indicator of which items are particular popular among collectors.

Here is the full list of top ten searches:

1. Occupied Japan – No Movement

2. Stove - No Movement

3. Silver PlateUp from #7

4. Capo-di-monte Up from #5

5. Copeland Spode – No Movement
6. Josef OriginalsUp From #9
7. Coca-ColaUp From #8
8. Royal Bayreuth New this month

9. Bosons New this month
10. Jewelry – Down from #3

The antiques and collectibles market is very unpredictable this year. Dealers and auctioneers tell us business is better than in 2009 but still not as good as in 2008. Top quality items sell for extra high prices, the middle market is down, the bottom of the market is selling inexpensive household goods or clothing to be used. Occupied Japan items (marked with those words from 1945 to1952) are harder to find but there are less collectors and many of the serious collectors are older and thinking of selling their collections. The searches are probably price checks for items being offered for sale.   Royal Bayreuth items are in several large auctions in the next month and buyers may be checking values on Kovels while getting ready to bid. Stove prices are not easy to find, Kovels has one of the best lists so they are often in the top ten. Top ten spots do not identify the most popular or most saleable antiques, just those of special interest this month.
People use price guides for a variety of reasons, though primarily to estimate the value of their possessions, or one they’re considering purchasing. Items not listed in the Kovels Top 10 are not unpopular, however these 10 were in the most demand among Kovels users in June. Accredited media interested in discussing the content of this release or any topics related to antiques and collectibles are encouraged to contact Terry Kovel at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. to schedule an interview.

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