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Floor lamp attributed to Vladimir Kagan

Modern Floor Lamps

Midcentury modern furniture is enjoying a renaissance right now, and every fan of ’50s design needs at least one modern floor lamp to complete the “look.” These lamps sold at a fall Treadway–Toomey auction.

Cesare Lacca bar cart

Midcentury Bar Carts Pull in Collectors

Toast the buyer who mixed a successful $1,037 bid for this 1950s Italian bar cart. The sleek walnut and glass beverage trolley reflects the “cocktail culture” popularized by the TV show Mad Men. We wheel out a spirited array of useful vintage bar carts.

Coronation coach tape measure

Fancy Victorian Tape Measures

The crown jewel of sewing tools might be this tiny gilt carriage tape measure that sold at an auction in California for a majestic $1,456. Proper Victorian ladies displayed their gentility by using clever sewing tools. We size up the most fanciful 19th-century tape measures.

Muncie Clay Products Co. vase

Then & Now: Not-So-Famous Art Pottery

The parakeets perched on this Muncie Pottery vase must have tweeted about the $1,840 bid that won their hearts. The Cincinnati auction that sold the vase rewarded collectors of not-so-famous art pottery. Take the road less traveled to discover hidden art pottery gems.

Maxfield Parrish Life magazine cover illustration

Maxfield Parrish Ads & Prints

The lush illustrations of artist Maxfield Parrish share colors with today’s decorating favorites. A buyer at an upstate New York auction unmasked this 1922 Life magazine, with Parrish’s bold “Masquerade” cover, for $127. We reveal the collectability of the famous illustrator’s distinctive ads and prints.

Independence Hall Bank

Then & Now: Still Banks

A hefty $2,328 freed this 1875 cast-iron Independence Hall bank from a New Jersey auction. The collector who owned this bank 40 years ago would be amazed by what the investment earned. Penny banks sell for lots of dollars now.

Open-top cupboard

Is Pine Furniture Back In Favor?

Plain old pine furniture conjures up simpler farmhouse days. But simple can be pricey. Bids for this blue pine cupboard reached $4,200 at an Ohio auction. Discover the unvarnished truth about American pine furniture.

Mardi Gras Queen's crown pin

Collecting Mardi Gras Fun

Mardi Gras this year is Tuesday, March 4. Revelers celebrated early at three recent Crescent City Gallery auctions, where a large collection of New Orleans Mardi Gras memorabilia, much of it dating from the 19th century, sold for solid prices.

Rookwood Flower Basket bookends

Rookwood Bookends

Long for a burst of spring? This pair of 1929 Rookwood flower-basket bookends can help. They sold for $561 at a Cincinnati auction. We’ve shelved lots of facts about Rookwood bookends.

Trifari “jelly belly” fish brooch

Costume Jewelry Is Still Hot

This Trifari “jelly belly” fish brooch was caught for $100 at a Chicago costume jewelry auction. The 1996 Geddes reissue proves that a little flash can still be had for not too much cash. Cast your net and we'll guide you to the best in costume jewelry.