Dictionary of Marks

American Art Pottery marks

American Art Pottery

Here are marks of some lesser-known American art pottery companies.

Marks on bottles

Glass Bottles

Examples of marks found on glass bottles ....

American Dinnerware

The marks here help identify some American makers of dinnerware.

Staffordshire knot marks

Staffordshire Knots

The pretzel-shaped “Staffordshire Knot,” used as a mark on both earthenware and porcelain, is a traditional symbol of England’s town of Stafford and county of Staffordshire. Here are some examples.

German and French Toymakers

Marks of some German and French toymakers

Marks on bronze sculptures

Bronze Sculptures

Examples of marks of a few sculptors and foundries working in Austria, Germany and France around the turn of the 20th century

Marks on silver souvenir spoons

Souvenir Spoons

Examples of marks found on souvenir spoons

Marks on arts & crafts furniture

Arts and Crafts Furniture

Marks or labels used by some well-known American manufacturers of Arts and Crafts furniture

Marks on American-made cookie jars

American Cookie Jars

A sampling of marks for a few of the major U.S. manufacturers of ceramic cookie jars...

Marks - Dinnerware made in Ohio

Dinnerware Made in Ohio

Many well-known American dinnerware manufacturers were located in eastern and southeastern Ohio in the late 19th and early 20th centuries. Here are some of the marks they used...