Poltergeist at Work, Tillowitz Correction

Ever hear of a poltergeist? It is a spirit that likes to play tricks on people. Mine has been at it again, this time in "Kovels Komments." Last week, the May 29 mystery mark was “RS Tillowitz.” The answer said that it was a mark related to the Reinhold Schlegelmilch factory in Tillowitz, Germany, and was used from the 1920s to the 1940s. Our poltergeist playfully moved some copy from the previous week to the "Kovels Komments" emailed to some readers. It incorrectly discussed the mark and "Limoges." Those who opened "Komments" from our homepage see the correct answer. Those who opened the personal email received the wrong answer. Thank you to reader A.N., who was the first of many to tell us about the problem. We are searching for our Internet poltergeist and hope to fix the problem.

r s tillowitz pottery mark



































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