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Faberge was a firm of jewelers and goldsmiths founded in 1842 in St. Petersburg, Russia. The founder was Gustav Faberge. His son, Peter Carl Faberge, was jeweler to the Russian Imperial Court and is best remembered for the 56-jeweled Easter egg surprises he made for the royal family. The Faberge family fled Russia after the revolution, and some members founded Faberge et Cie in Paris and continued to make jewelry. But others, not family, used the name Faberge for other merchandise, including a well-known beauty product line. The name was bought and sold until 2007, when Pallinghurst Resources, a London-based investment company, bought it and used it for jewelry. In July 2011, the new Faberge showed the first of the one-of-a-kind egg pendants it's now making--new Faberge eggs, but very different-looking than old ones. Those who don't know the company's history think the name Faberge referred to a cosmetic company, but it is now back to its original use: branding jewelry.

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