Can Treasures Really Turn Up in Storage Lockers?

The TV series "Storage Wars" is being sued by a fired star. He claims the show "seeded" the lockers with valuable collectibles to add interest. Finding valuable items in abandoned storage lockers is rare, but it can happen. We did an episode of our show, "Flea Market Finds with the Kovels," with a woman who set up a table because she found a doll collection in an abandoned storage locker. She was selling reproductions alongside very valuable dolls, some from the 19th century, but was guessing at prices. We joined several dealers at the show to help her put appropriate prices on her things. She was delighted with her profit.

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#4 The Real Dealximora 2013-01-20 00:23
You basically take the same chance when you buy a lottery scratch ticket... it's a mystery until you scratch the surface... sometimes you win and sometimes you don't... I do attend some storage auctions now... and have been doing so for about the past five years... just like anything else you take a chance and being knowledgeable in the "area" of where the auction is being held helps too... just like dealing with antiques and collectibles, knowledge is the key to success. While it's true you cannot enter or touch, you can pretty much "guestimate" by just looking and observing. Once you've done a few, it's not too difficult to know when to bid and when to pass them up... I once won a bid on a locker for $200 that was full of boxes (those are the scariest since you cannot see what's in them) but the boxes were all in good shape and sealed so I took a chance and once I opened them they all contained brand new leather jackets! I ended up with a $2200 profit from that locker. Sure you will lose some too but as far as finding treasures... yes it can definately happen! Actually, I've done a whole lot better at storage auctions than I have with the lottery scratch off tickets... go figure! :)
#3 Dave the Teletubby You Love to Hatefannie90 2012-12-19 23:05
I'll really miss Dave on Storage Wars because he was both antagonist and comic relief. But I put no stock in his charges. Absolutely valuable stuff turns up in abandoned storage units; however there is usually a sad story involved. Couple of things seemed to have "attachments" and I've sold, given away or donated them!
#2 Storage Locker Treasurestuffdog728 2012-12-19 23:04
I believe "Storage Wars" & "Texas Storage Wars???" both use a broad term as far as "finding treasures" and that the main purpose of the show is to promote "Storage Auctions" in order for the Storage Companies who have typically lost money on people who abandon lockers and then their items being auctioned off to recover any funds for their losses have profitted in the upsurge in people showing up and bidding in a buying frenzy driving the price up in order to recover or even make a profit. I used to go to Storage Auctions about 15 years ago and lockers would go in range from $0.50 to $30.00 and even at those prices sometimes it was marginal as to whether or not it was profitable when you consider the hours required to dispose of your goods. I did have ome winners but overall nothing spectacular. Today this is a very competitive industry thats requires a lot of honest work to benefit.
#1 seeding storage lockerssugarboy 2012-12-19 18:58
Any picker would know the show was
staged.Even at that it is a hoot
to watch!

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