Antique Furniture Is Backdrop at NYC High-End Store

A new, expensive store on Madison Avenue in New York City is decorated with a wall of "brown furniture," the 18th- and 19th-century styles that are not selling well at antiques shows. Since the furniture is handmade and old-fashioned, the store thought it would be a good background for handmade leather goods and could even become fashionable again. (New York Times, 8/15/2013)

anya hindmarch store display














Photo Credit: (Store display) Anya Hindmarch |


#1 Antique furniture still rulescejwin 2013-08-23 13:49
There is a certain warmth and charm with old furniture. The wood is usually much prettier. Nothing but cold and harsh lines with new stuff. New meaning anything less than a hundred years old. I exclude art deco since I think it is stunning if not at all practical. I swoon when I watch old Astaire or Thin Man movies. White? Not really.

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