A Reader's Story about Hidden Money

We heard from a reader who saw our warning about hiding money in the April 3 Kovels Komments news story, "A Good Deed Rewarded." Our reader, "D.E.N.," is an attorney and tells a great story: "Hiding things--I had a client some years ago who told me that her mother had told her that she had put some money aside for the mother's burial. My client never was told precisely where it was in the house they lived in together. Then her mother had a heart attack and the life squad was called, and as the mother was being put in the ambulance she said to look in the dining room. The mother died at the hospital. Several years later my client was moving some furniture in the dining room and happened to remove a drawer in a china cabinet. Taped to the bottom was an envelope with $1,700 in it."


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