Watt Tulip Bowl

Q: I bought this bowl at an antique mall about 20 years ago for $45. It's marked "Oven Ware U.S.A." on the bottom. I'd like to know who made it and what it might be worth today.

A: You have a Watt Pottery covered baker in the Tulip pattern. This pattern was sold only at Woolworth's and wasn't listed in any of the Watt catalogs. Members of the Watt family bought Globe Pottery in Crooksville, Ohio, in 1922 and made mixing bowls and tableware. Pieces with freehand decorations were made beginning in 1935. Tulip pattern was introduced in about 1963. Not all Watt pottery is marked, but the marks that were used are large and often cover the bottom of ae piece. The mark usually consists of one or more impressed concentric rings and the words "Watt" and "Oven Ware U.S.A." Some pieces, like yours, have only one of the marks. Watt closed in 1965. Value of your covered baker, if perfect, is about $150.

watt tulip bowl and lid














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