Schaubach Kunst Figurine

Q: I've had this piece for a few years and would like to know who made it. I have never seen anything like it. Is it possible it's one of a kind?

A: Your figurines were made by Schaubach-Kunst (Schaumbach Art) of Wallendorf, Germany. A pottery was established at Wallendorf in 1764. After several changes in ownership, the factory closed in 1925. Heinz Schaubach took over the factory in 1926 and established Schaubach-Kunst. The factory, located in Communist East Germany after World War II, was nationalized in 1953 and became V.E.B. Schaubach Kunst Lichte-Wallendorf. After reunification in 1990, it became Wallendorf Porcelain Factory, a limited-liability company. The company filed for bankruptcy in 2009. Several variations of this mark have been used. This particular mark was used from 1953 to 1962. The letters "V" and "B" on the ends of the crossed swords and the "E" beneath them stand for "V.E.B.," showing it was a state-owned company at the time. Your babies were made using a mold. Many identical figures were made to sell in gift shops. Yours is not one of a kind.

schaubach kunst figurine















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