Meriden Lamp

Q: We have an old glass and silver-plated oil lamp that we inherited from my wife's aunt about 30 years ago. I was going to electrify it some years ago, but when I discovered it was silver-plated, I didn't do anything to it. This mark is on the bottom of the lamp's base.

A: Meriden Silver Plate Co. was founded by Charles Casper in Meriden, Conn., in 1869. It was one of the first silver companies to become part of International Silver Co. in 1898. Another company, the Meriden Cut Glass Co., made cut glass for silver companies and may have made the cut glass pieces for your lamp. The base of your lamp is unusual because it includes figures of Pegasus. Sometimes a lamp is worth more just because it's pretty. Your lamp's ornate base and cut glass globe and shade make it worth about $300 or more.

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#1 jgrunewald 2012-12-12 18:22
Did the companies that became part of International Silver Co. in 1898 continue using their own marks?

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