Daum Mark

Q: I can't identify this glass mark. Any ideas?

A: The mark on your paperweight is a variation of a mark used by the French glass factory, Daum Freres & Cie. It is an acid-etched mark that was used from 1900 until 1905. It has the word "Nancy" and abstract pictures of an iris and a dragonfly found on other Daum marks. Daum was started by Jean Daum in 1875 as "Verrerie de Nancy." The company, now called Cristalleries de Nancy, is still working.

Daum marks have many variations, but they almost always appear with the name "Nancy." They can be found painted, acid-etched, engraved, wheel-cut, or in cameo relief. Modern pieces are stamped or etched with "Daum France" and the Cross of Lorraine. But beware: many acid-etched glass marks are modern fakes added to old or new pieces.

Daum Freres & Cie.
Daum Freres & Cie.

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