Cavitt-Shaw WS George Plate

Q: I would like to know something about this dinnerware. I have almost a whole set, with glasses and a pitcher. Pieces are marked "Cavitt-Shaw Division, W.S. George."

A: William Shaw George bought the East Palestine Pottery Co. in East Palestine, Ohio, in 1904 and renamed it W.S. George Pottery Co. Cavitt-Shaw was a division of W.S. George. Cavitt and Shaw were family names. George's mother's maiden name was Cavitt. The company went bankrupt in 1955. Your dishes are Shortcake pattern, introduced in the 1930s. It was made in two versions, one with a thin red-band border like yours and one with a border of red and green bands. A 32-piece set originally sold through Sears catalog for $5.69. Today a set of 12 place settings is worth about $100.

Cavitt-Shaw Division, W.S. George plate













#3 Cavitt Shaw Division, W S George Dinnerwaredbiers1960 2013-07-18 08:50
I found some of the above dinnerware in an attic where I live. It is a strawberry pattern with the 889D mark. I have one complete dinner set and several other pieces (dinner plates, desert plates and coffee cup plates).
Can you tell me the date these were made/around and what kind of a collector/antiq ue price they would be?
Thank you,
#2 Cavitt-Shaw - W.S.SHAW Platesschipblack 2011-01-08 20:16
I have 8 plates- On the back it says Hand Glazed by Cavitt-Shaw. Division W.S. George. The plates are acream color with a green eland-deer? with black horns. The right side of the plates has a long swirley line and leaves(half dark green and half light green).The "animal" has slanty eyes with red dot and heavy eyeliner. This came from a family member said he has had it since early 40's. Any ideas about this?
Jane Alexander
#1 Earlton China ?4kitties 2011-01-06 13:56
I have a set of China that I believe is from the 1940's or 50's.The pieces are off white squares(rounded edges) with blue(aqua)and pink raindrops(tear drops) painted on them.They may have been Movie house give-a-ways or packeed in detergent boxes possibly.In Gold on the back it says Earton China Company.I cannot find and information on this pattern or the company.

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