Castor Cooper Teapot

Q: I have tried to do some research on this teapot, but I have hit a dead end. It's marked "The Castor Cooper Collection" and "20/500." What can you tell me about it?

A: Your teapot is a limited edition pewter teapot made by the Castor-Cooper Collection, a partnership founded by Harold C. Castor (1915-2000) and Dorothy Cooper in Mount Vernon, N.Y. Castor, a designer and sculptor, was known for his bronze sculptures before he and Cooper started their business. The numbers on your teapot indicate it was the 20th one made out of a limited edition of 500.

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#1 Timothy Burton Ramey Portfolioclester 2012-11-08 16:41
I have sets of photograph portfolios: Timothy Burton Ramey Classic Wine Grapes 1981. Can you tell me where I could find out more about them in terms of value? Thank you.

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