Birks & Sons Silver Flatware

Q: I have some silver flatware stamped "Birks Sterling." Can you tell me something about the company?

A: Birks is a Canadian silver maker that has been in business since 1879. Currently it has 33 locations across Canada. The company has made gold and silver jewelry, timepieces, and silver hollowware and flatware. It was founded by Henry Birks, who opened a jewelry store in Montreal in 1879. The name of the company became Henry Birks & Sons after Henry’s three sons joined the business in 1893. Birks bought up several smaller silver manufacturers over a period of years. In 1907 it bought Gorham Company of Canada and the dies for two Gorham silverware patterns, “Chantilly” and “Louis XIV.” Henry Birks & Sons had exclusive rights to sell Gorham silver in Canada for 10 years. Although other marks were used, the word "Birks" is always included as one of the marks.

birks sterling silver mark










#1 LisaMcG 2011-09-28 15:10
Hi! Birks was comparable to Tiffanys. It was the most 'high-end' jewelry store in Canada.

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