Baseball Catcher Planter

Q: I've searched for this little planter all over the Internet and I can't find any information about it. On the front is a ceramic baseball catcher with a metal facemask. It's marked on the bottom with the copyright symbol and "1962 Napco, Bedford, Ohio, J-5513." Can you tell me anything?

A: You have a planter made by Napco, also known as National Potteries Corp., a company founded in Bedford, Ohio, in 1938. Napco imported ceramic and plaster goods from Japan. Napco planters, head vases, and other decorative items were popular in the 1950s and '60s. Your catcher planter was made in 1962. The number in the mark is probably an item number. The company moved to Jacksonville, Fla., in 1984. It is now called Napco Marketing Corp. and sells wholesale floral containers, garden accessories, and gift items. Planters like yours sell for a wide range of prices--from under $10 to more than $50, depending on the appeal of the design and the condition of the piece.

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