Trash to Treasure: Item of the Week

From clutter to coveted collectibles-a collector cleaned his basement and found out that one's man trash is truly another's treasure. Auctioneer Jim Cyr researched the cans, and by auction time, the estimate was $20,000 to $40,000. Phone and audience bidding resulted in a price of $126,000. 

Two burlap sacks full of old cans that were taking up space in a New Jersey man's attic went to Cyr Auction Company in Maine with the hope they would bring a few thousand dollars. 

The rare cans were from 1935 to the 1970s. They were stacked and soldered together because they were used to decorate a basement bar. Condition was very good because they were found "inside" rather than "outside," an important differentiation for beer can collectors. 

So spring cleaners, take a close look at what you find. and Kovels' Antiques and Collectibles Price will help you learn the prices.




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