Bride’s Basket: A Popular Gift for the Victorian Bride

Bride's basket













An antique is a unique gift for any bride and groom. Antiques are especially good for an eco-conscious bride and groom interested in reusing and recycling.

Bride’s baskets were favorite wedding gifts from the 1880s until about 1905. It’s a decorated berry or fruit bowl in a silver-plated holder. The bowls were made in almost every color of art glass and usually had ruffled, fluted or crimped edges. Cut glass baskets were popular after 1890. Silver-plate manufacturers bought the bowls from different glass houses, mounted them in ornate silver-plated frames, and marketed them.

This bride’s basket has a pink opalescent bowl with painted flowers. The silver-plated holder is marked “James Tuft,” a Boston company. It sold for $214 at a Jackson’s auction in Iowa.

Beware of reproductions. Sometimes new glass bowls are put in old silver-plated holders.

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