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Pottery & Porcelain Marks – Miscellaneous: Miscellaneous marks of an axe, hammer, palette and paintbrush, outline of states, and other objects were used from the late 19th century to the 21st century. Rough outlines, sketches, and realistic drawings of animals were also used.
Another type of mark that was often copied was the Staffordshire Knot, a rope twisted in a pretzel-shaped knot that usually included the makers' initials. It was used by various English makers, including: H. Aynsley & Co. (1873-1932), Bodley & Co. (1865), Edward F. Bodley & Son (1883-1898), George Frederick Bowers & Co. (1842-1868), E. Brain & Co. Ltd. (1903-1964+), William Brownfield & Sons (1850-1891), Burslem School of Art (1935-1941), Hanley Porcelain Co. (1892-1899), Kensington Pottery Ltd. (1922-present), William Kent Ltd. (1944-1962), Arthur J. Mountford (1897-1901), New Wharf Pottery (1878-1894), George Phillips (1834-1848), Ridgway, Sparks & Ridgway (1873-1879), Salt & Nixon Ltd. (1901-1934), Smith & Binnall (1879-1900), Wellington Pottery Co. (1899-1901), Wilkinson & Wardle (1864-1866), H. J. Wood Ltd. (188-1964+), W. Wood & Co. (1873-1932).

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