Kovels on Antiques and Collectibles October 2013 Newsletter Available

Kovels on Antiques and Collectibles Vol. 40 No. 2More than 30 earthenware creamers shaped like cows sold at a recent Massachusetts auction. They have been made in the Staffordshire district of England since the 18th century. See a Staffordshire sponge-painted cow creamer with her calf that went for $1,440 and more in Kovels’ October issue. Effanbee Patsy and Patsy-related dolls are loveable, ageless and on the "want" lists of lots of doll collectors. Kovels' reports on more than two dozen sold at a Maryland auction, with pictures and prices of Patsy Mae, Patysette, Patsy Jr., Patsykins and Patricia. Well-built 20th-century furniture that copies classic styles can be a good buy and a Cleveland auction sold more than 100 vintage tables, chairs, sofas, cabinets and chests. Kovels' newsletter pictures a Georgian-style dining table ($3,360) by Kittinger, a Chippendale-style sofa ($420) and a Regency-style library table ($420), both by Hickory Chair Furniture Co., along with other examples of reasonably-priced reproductions. And Kovels' on Antiques and Collectibles newsletter continues to observe its 40th year of publication with a Then & Now column featuring French cameo glass. More than 85 pieces recently sold at a Maine auction, some for prices today that are 10 times higher than 40 years ago.

Baseball fans and collectors can celebrate World Series season by taking a look at the vintage baseball player portrait buttons in the October issue. Also pictured with prices are examples of modernist silver jewelry sold at auction in California. New Uses for Old Stuff shows a new spin on decorating—a bicycle wheel collage. The popular illustrated Collector’s Gallery has answers to readers’ questions about a Victrola, a Big Bang toy cannon, a Staffordshire spill vase and an electronic toy organ. October’s Dictionary of Marks lists marks on souvenir spoons. The Buyer’s Price Guide has current prices of dozens of antiques and collectibles and also looks back to its counterpart from October 1974.

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