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Q: My father's great aunts made this hair wreath and it has been passed down over generations. It's in really great condition and has been in a closet for the last 65 years. It's in a case about 38 inches high by 25 inches wide by 5 inches deep. Can you tell me if it has any value and where I could sell it?

A: Hair wreaths were popular during the late 1800s. They were made from the hair of family members or of deceased relatives. Sometimes a professional weaver was hired to make one. Mourning wreaths were made with the opening at the top, pointing up to heaven. Hair from the most recently deceased relative was often arranged in the center, surrounded by the wreath. It remained there for the period of mourning or until the next relative died. Then it was woven into the wreath and the next relative's hair was placed in the middle. Your wreath has two bunches of hair in the center, some blond and some dark, woven into grape clusters, so we think they were made from the hair of two deceased relatives. An antique hair wreath in excellent condition sells for $300 to $500 today.

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#3 Hair Wreathspoodlefancy 2013-11-08 20:55
I have been looking to buy a hair wreath in antique stores for many years. They are hard to find. I had a friend 40 years ago that had a beauty, and have never forgotten it. Some have beads woven in them also. It is a true work of art.
#2 Hair wreaths and hair jewelryBekssa 2013-11-08 10:04
The person to contact is a wonderful woman in Independence Missouri named Leila. She runs Leila's Hair Museum and it is amazing. I'd be willing to bet that she is one of the most knowledgeable about this subject.

She also has a website and if you are ever in KC area, you should go to her museum as well. I've lived here for years and finally went there earlier this year. Incredible! It was mind-blowing what people have made from hair.

There were also lots and lots of hair wreaths on all the museum's wall that were quite similar to yours. Hope that helps--good luck!
#1 Hair Art...claylady336 2013-11-06 16:42
I also have a framed hair art piece. Measures 12'w x 15" high. It is mounted in a beautiful wood box/ frame with a burlwood veneer.
Would like to send a picture and like to know it's worth also.

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