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  • Neon Advertising Clock

    Q:        I inherited a large neon clock from my uncle, who was a meat inspector in Los Angeles in the 1950s. It was made by the Glo-Dial Corp. and has the words “Hungarian Salami” around the dial. It has green neon lighting and is 32 inches across. The patent number is 1994950. Can you tell me the history and value of this clock?

  • Lalique Perfume Bottle

    Q:       My wife’s estate included a one-liter Lalique perfume bottle that has two birds on the stopper. It is 9 inches tall and 6 inches wide and is still filled with perfume. Can you give me a value?

  • Danish Silver Bracelet and Earrings

    Q:         I have a sterling silver bracelet and earrings that were made in Denmark. Each earring is shaped like two leaves, and the bracelet is made of links of two leaves each. The back is marked “Sterling A8K Denmark.” Can you tell me who made it and what it’s worth?

  • Old Board Games

    Q:         While cleaning out a storage area in the home where my husband and his brothers were raised, we found a box of old board games dating back to the 1930s and early ’40s. Most are in good shape with all of their pieces. We wonder if they have any value. The games include Monopoly, Dog Race, Touring Auto, Game of Football and Baseball, and some card games like Pit and Rook.

  • Wooden Filing Cabinet

    Q:         We have a wooden filing cabinet that has a flat work surface with two cupboard doors below and drawers above. There are 15 small drawers over six larger drawers with brass plates for labels and a horizontal glass door on top. There is a brass plate on top that says “Yawman & Erbe Mfg. Co., Rochester, N.Y.” The drawer pulls have a logo with “Y and E” on them. Can you give me an idea of the value of this piece?

  • Signed Birthday Greetings from President Eisenhower

    Q:         I have two birthday greetings notes mailed to my father-in-law by President Dwight Eisenhower. They shared the same birthday, Oct. 14. I have one of the franked envelopes the greeting was mailed in, too. The envelope, postmarked Oct. 17, 1967, was mailed from Gettysburg, Pa. Do the greetings have any monetary value? What bothers me is that the Eisenhower signatures on the notes are identical.

  • Old Autograph Book

    Q:         I recently found my grandfather’s old autograph book. He was good friends with the comedians Lou Costello and Bud Abbott. The book includes their autographs as well as those of several sports figures, including Babe Ruth, Jack Dempsey, Jimmy Braddock, Joe DiMaggio and several others. I think some of them go back to the early 1920s. What do you think these are worth?

  • Simmons Wonder Ice Cream Maker

    Q: I have a Simmons Wonder ice cream maker that has been in my family for years. It makes one cup of ice cream. In 1924, when my mother was 6 years old, she was run over by a Model T and was in a body cast for a few weeks. During her recovery, her grandmother made ice cream for her in this ice cream maker. Can you tell me anything about it?

  • Hummingbird Prints

    Q:         Back in the early 1940s, my in-laws received two prints of hummingbirds as a wedding gift. They left the prints to us and I would like to learn more about them. The words on the back of each print are in French, but I can translate some of the words. They include the names of the pictured birds (one is a bearded hummingbird and the other has a forked tail) and the name of the publisher, Arthus-Bertrand. What can you tell us about the prints?


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