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  • Gillette Bostonian Shaving Set

    Q:         I have a Gillette shaving set that includes a razor and a silver case with a hinged lid. The case is lined with velvet and satin and is 3 1/2 inches long and 2 1/4 inches wide. Inside the top, it’s marked “Gillette Bostonian.” I have never seen a case like this. I’d like to know how old it is.

  • Ansonia Royal Bonn Clock

    Q:         My ceramic mantel clock is about 15 inches high and 13 inches across at the base. It has an ornate shape and is painted in vivid pink, yellow, green and white with large flowers and greenery. There is gilt trim around the dial, which has Roman numerals. The clock chimes and is key-wound. The back opens up. The clock is marked “Ansonia Clock Co., New York, USA, Patent June 14, 1881” and also “Royal” above a crown over a shield with “FAM” and “1755” inside it and the words “Bonn, Germany” beneath it. What can you tell me about this clock and its value?

  • Steinway Upright Piano

    Q:         I’m thinking of selling an old Steinway upright piano and I’d like to give the buyer as much information as possible. It says “Pat Nov 21 1893” with the serial number “79386” inside the flip-down panel. On the right side there is a gold stamp with gold “coins” that say “Piano manufacturers to H.M. the Queen of England, H.R. Highness the Prince of Wales and H.R. Highness the Princess of Wales.” What can you tell me about my piano?

  • Levi's Children's Jeans

    Q :        Is there a market for old used jeans? My sentimental mother kept the jeans I wore when I was a toddler, and I’m now 64 years old. They have an 18-inch waist and 14-inch inseam. The Levi’s tag is red, not orange, so I wonder if these are the real thing.

  • Hornbeam Wood Cupboard

    Q:         I saw a large wooden storage cupboard labelled “Rare, Hornbeam” at an antique show. No one was near to tell me what that meant.

  • J.S. Ford Johnson Chairs

    Q:         I have four bentwood chairs that came from an old seminary. Underneath the seats there is a label that says “J.S. Ford Johnson Co., New York, N.Y., 33 East 47th St., Chicago, Ill., San Francisco, Calif.” They were patented in March 1910 and are in good solid condition. Can you tell me something about the history?

  • Danbury Mint Hummel Spice Jars

    Q:         I bought a set of 21 Hummel spice jars. They have a Hummel picture and the name of the spice on the front and a legend about the spice on the back. The bottom of each jar is marked “M.I. Hummel, ARS AG, Cham, Switzerland, 1987.” Below that is a symbol that looks like a lowercase “d” over “m” and “Made in Japan.” What is their value?

  • Toddy Advertising

    Q:         When I was rehabbing our garage, which was built in about 1917, I found a large piece of colorful cardboard in the old insulation. It looks like it was an advertising sign or perhaps the side of a breakfast food box of some kind. There’s a child’s face on it with the phrase “Toddy builds health and strength.” Can you help identify the ad? Does it have any value?

  • Felsenstein & Mainzer Pewter Stein

    Q :        I have a pewter stein marked “F & M” over “N.” It’s 11 inches tall and has raised decorations of classical figures picking grapes from a vine. Can you tell me who made it and what it’s worth?


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