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  • Champs Elysees Lalique Bowl

    Q :        I have a Lalique “Champs Elysees” bowl shaped like two oak leaves. The leaves are frosted and the base and connecting part are clear. The bowl is 7 1/2 inches high and 18 inches wide, and weighs 21 pounds. How much is it worth?

  • Coca-Cola Reproduction Trays

    Q:         My father found a metal Coca-Cola serving tray in the attic of a railroad depot being torn down in Fayette, Mo., in the early 1980s. It has been hanging in my parents’ home ever since. I have tried researching it but haven’t had any luck. The tray is rectangular and 24 by 34 inches. It has a green border surrounding a red inner border. In the center is a picture of a woman in a white gown wearing a tiara and holding an open black fan. Her right elbow is resting on an elaborate pedestal with flowers on it. The words on the tray are: “Delicious, Refreshing, Drink Coca-Cola, At Fountains 5¢, In Bottles 5¢.” Can you help?

  • Lepaute Clocks

    Q:         An uncle in Ireland gave us an old clock. The inscription on the face of the clock is “Lepaute, Hger Du Roi.” It has Roman numerals for the hours and Arabic numerals for the minutes. Do you have any idea how old the clock is and what it might be worth?

  • Loom Baby Carriage

    Q:      I have a Lloyd Loom baby carriage that was bought for my dad when he was born in 1924. The inside has been re-covered but everything else is original and is still in very good condition. It has glass porthole-type windows in the side of the hood, a wooden handle, rubber tires on the wheels, and a brake. A metal tag on it says, “Lloyd Loom Products” and “Method Patented Oct. 16, 1917.” Can you tell me approximately when it was built and the current value? It’s priceless to me because it was my dad’s.

  • Cigarette Machine & Magazine Rack

    Q:         I have a wooden cigarette machine that once dispensed old packs of cigarettes, like Lucky Strike, for 15 cents. It doubles as a magazine rack. I know it was made sometime between 1929 and 1933. The label on it says, “Howard Home Humidor, this humidor and its contents are the property of C.B. Howard Co., Inc.,” and includes an address in New York. What is its value?

  • Coca-Cola Flapper Girl Tray

    Q :        I have a Coca-Cola serving tray that matches those I have seen online. It’s from 1923 and pictures the “Flapper Girl.” How can I tell if it’s a reproduction or an original?

  • Victorian Pressed Glass Saltshaker

    Q:         I collect Victorian pressed glass. One odd piece I have had for years is a squat Amberette saltshaker with amber staining. Please tell me more about the pattern’s history and also what the shaker is worth.

  • Little Orphan Annie Mug

    Q:         I have a cream-colored Orphan Annie mug with green trim marked “manufactured exclusively for the Wander Co., Chicago, makers of Ovaltine.” It has a picture of Orphan Annie on the front holding up a mug and saying, “Did ja ever taste anything so good as Ovaltine? And it’s good for yuh too.” Her dog, Sandy, is pictured on the back with the words, “Sandy’s running for his Ovaltine.” How much is the Q  I have a cream-colored Orphan Annie mug with green trim marked “manufactured exclusively for the Wander Co., mug worth?

  • Talcum Powder Asbestos in Old Tins

    Q :        I read with interest your column about vintage talcum powder tins and the probability that old powder may be contaminated with traces of asbestos. I am 74 and still have some full talcum powder tins I was given as a little girl. The powder still smells good, but how can I tell if it contains asbestos?


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