Red Cross Poster

Q: I bought this World War I poster of a Red Cross nurse at an auction several years ago. My wife is a nurse and I bought it for her. The poster is about 20 inches high and 24 inches wide. It's in a frame behind glass and I keep it in the back hall, away from sunlight. A copy of this picture was included in an exhibition called "Love, War and Sexuality" held in Paris in 2007. Can you give me an estimate of its value?

A: Your Red Cross poster was made from an original painting done in 1917 by Harrison Fisher (1875-1934), an American artist and illustrator. The poster was published in a variety of sizes and was used to encourage donations to the Red Cross. Some of the posters included a slogan at the bottom: "Have you answered the Red Cross Christmas roll call?" Value of your framed poster: $200 to $300.

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