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  • A Gentleman's Gift Guide
    A Gentleman's Gift Guide

    What is a gentleman’s antique or a “mantique?” We looked at the 106 “guy-centric” objects that hit the auction block at Skinner’s inaugural Gentleman’s Auction in Boston to find out...

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  • Valuable Telephones
    Valuable Telephones

    “Potbelly” and “oil can” candlestick telephones and other upright tabletop phones brought high prices at a Pennsylvania auction. It took $8,400 to own this potbelly long-distance desk telephone made in...

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  • Go Under the Big Top with Circus Ads
    Go Under the Big Top with Circus Ads

    Circus banners and posters are peaking collectors’ interests. This banner, more than ten feet wide, sold for $3,360 at a Maryland auction. It is signed by Sigler Studios, a well-known...

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  • Pewter for Astute Collectors
    Pewter for Astute Collectors

    This Tudric clock sold for $4,062 at a New Jersey sale of 20th-century design. Archibald Knox designed the enamel decorated pewter clock for Liberty & Company, a London store. Lose...

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  • Newcomb Pottery
    Newcomb Pottery

    This fall New Orleans’ Neal Auction Company included 27 pieces of Newcomb Pottery in its annual Louisiana Purchase sale. A 1913 Sadie Irvine vase with palm trees brought $17,328.      

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  • Ed Wormley Furniture
    Ed Wormley Furniture

    Magazines are stored on the sides of this ingenious Edward Wormley-designed table, sold at a Chicago Auction for $3,500. We show you more Wormley tables and chairs with prices to...

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