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  • Unusual Antique Toys
    Unusual Antique Toys

    Recreate the magic of another time with antique toys that wind up a playful spirit. A Maine summer auction featured several unusual toys from the 19th and 20th centuries. A...

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  • Examining Medical Furniture
    Examining Medical Furniture

    The prognosis for medical furniture is good. Examination chairs, tables, and cabinets are even popping up in homes as a quirky design element. An Indiana auction featured a sizable selection...

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  • Costume Jewelry: Affordable Accessories
    Costume Jewelry: Affordable Accessories

    The stones may not be precious, but costume jewelry is still oh-so-pretty. And we’ve got the scoop on marked vintage pieces with affordable price tags. This 1950s Boucher gold plated...

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  • Buttons: Small Marvels
    Buttons: Small Marvels

    From rare historic buttons to dollar buttons, it’s no wonder why button collecting is a hobby for so many. At a recent New Hampshire button auction, prices ranged from $5...

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  • Unfamiliar Art Pottery Attracts Buyers
    Unfamiliar Art Pottery Attracts Buyers

    American art pottery from less familiar potteries has been catching eyes and higher bids. At a June auction in Cincinnati, more than a thousand pieces were auctioned. Pieces made from...

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