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  • Shining Strong: Tiffany Lamps
    Shining Strong: Tiffany Lamps

    Like most fashion trends, Tiffany lamps are in, fade out, and then coming back in style. Real-deal Tiffany lamps brought high bids at a recent New York auction. This Begonia...

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  • Woodenware: Natural Beauty
    Woodenware: Natural Beauty

    Woodenware has turned from a hobby to an art appreciated by museums, but is still a bargain. This signed Robert Cutler mixed woods bowl auctioned for $4,114 at a recent North...

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  • Jacquard Coverlets: A Woven History
    Jacquard Coverlets: A Woven History

    Jacquard coverlets were designed to be on tops of beds. This four-color coverlet from 1850 in very good condition sold for just $311 at a Pennsylvania sale that offered Jacquard...

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  • Antique Canes: A Fashion Statement
    Antique Canes: A Fashion Statement

    Antique canes were made for more than walking. This Fabergé rose quartz cane has a dog’s head handle with ruby eyes and brought $9,440 at a Massachusetts auction. Take a...

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  • Eames Chairs: Always In Style
    Eames Chairs: Always In Style

    Classic Eames chairs have influenced design around the world. This first-edition Charles and Ray Eames molded fiberglass rocking chair, sold at a Chicago auction, scored a high bid of $1,397....

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