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  • Step Into Dance Collectibles
    Step Into Dance Collectibles

    Are you a collector who loves to dance? Or maybe loves to watch other people dance? Look for dance-related memorabilia like this dancer’s legs table -- sold for $7,200 at...

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  • Kovels' 2015 Price Guide Available Now
    Kovels' 2015 Price Guide Available Now

    Kovels’ Antiques & Collectibles Price Guide 2015 with all new prices base on actual sales—not estimates—is available TODAY in bookstores and online.        

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  • Kids & The Kovels Go Back to Books
    Kids & The Kovels Go Back to Books

    It’s back to the books for students and teachers. For most 19th-century students, the books were McGuffey's Eclectic Readers. They're still used by some schools and parents who homeschool and...

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  • Toy Stoves Sizzle at Auction
    Toy Stoves Sizzle at Auction

    This Karr Range Co. toy stove didn’t sit on the back burner at a Pennsylvania auction. A bidder paid $1,020 to prove it’s not just small fry who love miniature...

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  • Cocktail Rings That Sparkle
    Cocktail Rings That Sparkle

    A woman feels glamorous with a sparkling cocktail ring on her finger. This ring, with a variety of semiprecious stones mounted on a dome, sold for $480 at a Detroit...

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  • Antique Iron Cooking Wares
    Antique Iron Cooking Wares

    An auction of iron cookware used in America 200 years ago included this wrought-iron open-fire broiler. It sold for $1,845 at a Massachusetts auction, where antique iron attracted high prices....

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  • Fancy French Display Cabinets
    Fancy French Display Cabinets

    A bid of $2,750 bought this antique French display cabinet at a Kansas estate auction. Its lighted glass shelves can show off lots of small collectibles. We showcase a selection...

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  • Baseball & Football Collectibles
    Baseball & Football Collectibles

    The World Series is set to start Oct. 22, and football season is in full swing. So it’s a good time to look at the prices of baseball and football...

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  • Get Out Your Old Skates
    Get Out Your Old Skates

    Most old skates aren’t worth much and won’t sell at all. But an old pair that’s unusual can spark interest at an auction.        

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