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  • Prized Perfume Bottles
    Prized Perfume Bottles

    Fancy perfume bottles caught eyes at a New York auction. For collectors it’s all about the bottle and the box. This signed Christian Dior perfume bottle sold high at $67,650,...

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  • Vintage Bicycles: Retro Wheels
    Vintage Bicycles: Retro Wheels

    Bicycles cruised to high bids at a New York auction. This 19th-century “Pony Star” high wheel safety bicycle brought $16,380. Go for a bike ride down memory lane.        

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  • Growing Interest in Garden Furniture
    Growing Interest in Garden Furniture

    This sturdy French potting table on cast iron wheels sold for $2,432 at a Philadelphia auction. Weed through a mix of antique garden furniture to find the perfect piece.        

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  • Insulators: Up the Telephone Pole
    Insulators: Up the Telephone Pole

    This rare Beehive insulator, coveted for its purple color, sold for $2,200 at an online auction. Insulators are used on the tops of telephone poles to insulate wires so electricity...

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  • Music Boxes: Good Vibrations
    Music Boxes: Good Vibrations

    This Swiss automation music box sold for $10,540 at a recent Ohio auction. It's finely constructed and still plays as clearly as the day it was made. Get the score...

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