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  • The Moore Collection of Penny Banks
    The Moore Collection of Penny Banks

    This rare Transvaal Money Box bank sold for a record $36,000 at a New Jersey auction. The figure represents an enemy of the British Empire during its Boer Wars and...

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  • Iridescent Art Glass Made by Quezal
    Iridescent Art Glass Made by Quezal

    A bid of $2,185 put a feather in the cap of the collector who bought this gold and green Quezal opal glass vase at an Ohio auction. The vase’s delicate...

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  • Then & Now: The Rise and Fall of Hummel Figurines
    Then & Now: The Rise and Fall of Hum…

    “Umbrella Girl,” a wide-eyed Hummel figurine, could be peeking out to see how much she fetched at a Pennsylvania auction. She weathered the vagaries of the Hummel market and sold...

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  • Major Shaker Collection Sells
    Major Shaker Collection Sells

    Here’s a herb cupboard made and used at a Shaker village in New York State. It sold for $123,000 at the Massachusetts auction of a famous collection. The resourceful Shakers,...

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  • Patent Medicine Bottles
    Patent Medicine Bottles

    Dozens of patent medicine bottles with original paper labels (and some with original boxes) sold at a recent McMurray Auctions sale.        

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  • Classic Hermès Scarves
    Classic Hermès Scarves

    Hermès scarves sold at a recent DuMouchelles auction.  You can sometimes buy a vintage Hermès scarf at auction for a price lower than the cost of a new one.        

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