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  • Kovels.com Top 20 Antiques and Collectibles Searches for July 2014
    Kovels.com Top 20 Antiques and Collectib…

    Kovels' July 2014 Top 20 list shows antiques enthusiasts busy researching:  1) Fenton, 2) Coca-Cola, 3) McCoy, 4) Depression Glass, 5) Bavaria, 6) Stoves, 7) Wedgwood, 8) Dinnerware...... Kovels.com visitors...

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  • 5 Things I Wish I'd Brought Home
    5 Things I Wish I'd Brought Home

    What do Lucie Attwell, R.T. French, and Buster Brown all have in common? Their names are on advertising collectibles on Terry Kovel's wish list from the recent Antique Advertising Association...

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  • "Kovels on Antiques and Collectibles" August 2014 Newsletter Available
    "Kovels on Antiques and Collectible…

    Kovels' August 2014 newsletter features penny banks, Quezal art glass, Shaker furniture, patent medicine bottles, classic Hermès scarves and Hummel figurines “then and now,” all with photos and prices.          

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  • The Moore Collection of Penny Banks
    The Moore Collection of Penny Banks

    This rare Transvaal Money Box bank sold for a record $36,000 at a New Jersey auction. The figure represents an enemy of the British Empire during its Boer Wars and...

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  • Iridescent Art Glass Made by Quezal
    Iridescent Art Glass Made by Quezal

    A bid of $2,185 put a feather in the cap of the collector who bought this gold and green Quezal opal glass vase at an Ohio auction. The vase’s delicate...

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  • Then & Now: The Rise and Fall of Hummel Figurines
    Then & Now: The Rise and Fall of Hum…

    “Umbrella Girl,” a wide-eyed Hummel figurine, could be peeking out to see how much she fetched at a Pennsylvania auction. She weathered the vagaries of the Hummel market and sold...

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  • Major Shaker Collection Sells
    Major Shaker Collection Sells

    Here’s a herb cupboard made and used at a Shaker village in New York State. It sold for $123,000 at the Massachusetts auction of a famous collection. The resourceful Shakers,...

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  • Patent Medicine Bottles
    Patent Medicine Bottles

    Dozens of patent medicine bottles with original paper labels (and some with original boxes) sold at a recent McMurray Auctions sale.        

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  • Classic Hermès Scarves
    Classic Hermès Scarves

    Hermès scarves sold at a recent DuMouchelles auction.  You can sometimes buy a vintage Hermès scarf at auction for a price lower than the cost of a new one.        

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